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Apostelgasse 25-27, 1030 Vienna
Drygalskiweg 51 1210 Wien
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Wolfgang-Schmälzl-Gasse 18, 1020 Wien
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About Nadland

Nadland Immoinvest is a regional developer of real-estate since 2006. Our emphasis has been and continues to be the development of residential homes, in „Gründerzeit” buildings of the 19th century Vienna.

The properties undergo a complete restoration, the attic is developed into penthouse apartments. Sale of apartments commences right after completion of development.

Recently Nadland Immoinvest has begun strongly delving into the „new-project” development by purchasing plots or constructions to be torn down and modern buildings constructed in its place. Between the years 2007 and 2010 Nadland Immoinvest was involved in the development of 7 projects with a volume of ninety-million Euros, in Hungary.

We buy

We constantly scan the Viennese real-estate market and look for suitable opportunities that will attract high and low-risked yields. Use this Contact form to suggest us an offer!

We co-invest

We are open to discussions with private/corporate investors who will to gain approx. 20% per year via direct investments into projects

We execute

Our development plans are dynamic according to the market behavior. Our mission is to maintain & improve our brand image by meeting the expectation of our clients.

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